Exuma Blue and Piggy Too

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Oh so blue.  The Bahama Islands are well known for their stunning landscapes and uniquely blue waters and the Exumas are no exception.  The island chain is south from Nassau and the ‘Berrys’ where we last visited, and is home to the Exuma National Park.  The park is a ‘no-take’ sanctuary allowing all sorts of wildlife to prosper.  It is also home to some of the best anchorages with views in every direction worthy of a postcard home.  Warderick Wells is one of these spots.

Another famed stop along the Exuma islands is Staniel Cay.  The rocks dotting the harbor seem like any other, however one houses the Thunderball Grotto.  Thunderball also made famous in the Bond film, is an underwater cave system offering incredible snorkeling.  At the edge of the rock there is an opening easily accessible during low tide giving way inside to a large cavern that is illuminated by an oculus in its ceiling.  It is filled with coral, caves leading in and out, and tons of fish.  Truly one of the most incredible snorkeling places we have seen. 

The pigs are less of a natural wonder and a bit of an oddity in the Bahamas.  In recent years they have become popular with the idea of ‘swimming with the pigs’, although the ones we saw mostly snoozed on the beach.  I am not sure why they are here – they are not native to the islands – but they do provide a bit of entertainment. 

Warderick Wells – Exuma Park

In each step of this journey just when we think we have found the most incredible blue waters and settled into to watch the perfect sunset, it is outdone by the next.  A reminder how life can always surprise you in wonderful ways.


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