Boat Sherpas and the Wisdom of Others

Following our friends across the passage to the islands at sunrise

There are always choices in life and sailing on a boat is a fair comparison.  What you choose to do, where you go and how you get there shape your life and your experiences.  We were determined to sail south from Freeport to Nassau through the Berry Island chain.  The ‘Berrys’ as they are called are a U-shaped collection of small islands offering stunning views and are mostly isolated from the larger ports, so you truly feel like you are ‘off the grid’.  Ironically this is also where some of the big cruise ships have staked claim to some of the smaller northern islands and renamed them ‘castaway cay’ or other names implying their remoteness.

With so many choices of where to visit and spend our time we started talking to some friends in the marina about their experiences.  Picturesque spots plus safe anchorage were top of mind.  In conversation our friends introduced us to new friends who have been down through his route before and knew the ‘best of the best’ places to stop.  Even better they offered to guide us along the way.  In effect they became our ‘Boat Sherpas’ both as stewards of where to go and their experiences of living on a boat.  Knowing the latter of the ups-and-downs of boat life has been more help than anything we could ever find on a chart or read in a book.

Someday we hope to pay it forward with the same level of enthusiasm.  In the meantime, we are grateful for the kindness and wisdom of others. 


Sailing into the Berry Islands
Sunrise at Cabbage Cay

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