Bahamas Crossing and Sharks!

Raising the Flag before we Arrive [Click Link to Play Video]

It is inevitable.  The crossing.  Everyone who says they are going to the Bahamas, of course has to do it.  The choices seem endless – cross the northern route and risk being pushed to far by the gulf stream.  Travelling further south just takes more time, but the crossing can be smoother, and faster.  How to decide? Your crossing is a right of passage in more ways than one.  You reach your destination with a sense of accomplishment, plus you have become a member of the tribe-of-Bahama-cruisers.  The effort is so legendary it often is the topic of conversation – how was your crossing? how was the weather? what course did you choose?  We also have heard many of the ‘bad stories’ like when people got pushed off course, or sailed through the night in beating rain and squalls, or worst when the night time lights at your arrival point failed and boats had to dodge rocks.  Yikes!  For us, we had the best passage with calm weather and actually arrived earlier than expected on a sunny day.  Nice!

Weather is always a challenge when moving from place to place.  We wanted to get closer to a part of the Grand Bahamas Island where we could more easily travel south to the Berry Islands.  We decided to go to a marina we knew just south of west end towards Freeport near Lucaya beach where we also met some friends and gained many more. 

This was THE place to be while we waited for better weather since it had many social events and lots of people who had traveled the Bahamas islands before.  We were busy making notes, looking at charts, getting educated on mechanics of our engines and best of all making new friends. Friends like this are priceless.  We are learning that striking up a random conversation and getting to know someone can lead to many good things indeed.


2 thoughts on “Bahamas Crossing and Sharks!

  1. Fabulous video and narrative! Lots of adventures already! Did you sail to windward in the trip to Freeport? Grant wants to know❤️


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