Fireworks and Rockets’ Red Glare

New Year’s Eve and so it begins.  We have loaded up our boat and settled in for our final night in Brunswick GA.  And as if scripted,while we toasted the New Year fireworks were lighting up the night right behind our boat. Perfect!  We had the best seat-in-house to the new beginning.  Perhaps it was a sign.

Our journey southward took us to historic St Augustine – the oldest town in America – and then onto other places like Indian Harbor Beach, Titusville, Fort Pierce and eventually Lake Worth / West Palm Beach.  Lake Worth looks like a parking lot for boats when a ‘Weather Window’ nears that allows a passage to the northern part of the Bahamas.

Conveniently we were in Titusville the evening of the SpaceX launch, which was a sight to see (and feel) at night.

SpaceX Launched a Rocket over our Boat!

We have learned many things along the way.  It seems there is something new to learn each day, no matter if we want that lesson or not.  I guess that is the way life goes sometimes and as they say experience is the toughest teacher.  Everyday we gain a little more experience, learn a few more things about our boat and ourselves and grow in the process.


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…and if you missed the previous video click the image below

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