Preparing to be a VIVID Sailor

Transit to Savannah for Bottom Paint Gave Us Practice at Sea

There is so much to do when you are making a major change in your life.  There are simple tactical things, like forwarding your mail and there are harder emotional things like waving goodbye to your closest friends knowing it will be a long time before you see them again.  There is comfort in the familiarity of our day-to-day lives, getting up, going to work, enjoying the weekends with friends and family.  Sometimes when you head out into a big adventure it is difficult to step away from that comfort zone and well, be comfortable with that.  Honestly, there have been more than a few moments recently when we thought we were crazy and should rethink our plans to live on our sailboat. What were we thinking? How will we navigate?  What happens when the weather is rough?  Of course, in more rational-minded moments we lean into our commitment and know this is like a quest and something we will do.

Learning to Steam Oysters – all in a day’s work

Brunswick Georgia has been our weekend home for sometime now and we have journeyed back and forth as we have been gradually preparing our boat to be ‘ocean-going’.  When we were not busy doing maintenance and upgrading things like solar power and a water maker, we did find time to enjoy this quaint town – it was not all work and no play – and getting off the boat, meeting other sailors helped with our emotional preparation too. 

Brunswick is a town filled with history and old south charm with grand looking homes and trees covered with Spanish moss.  The old oak trees predated the automobile and are so sacred the roads literally curve around them.  The historic part of town is dotted with Spanish influenced squares every few blocks making for peacefully places to stop along our walks or runs.  Truly a beautiful place to visit.

We discovered so far; life transition is an exercise.  One requiring might and will of character to overcome both the practical problems of the day and fears of the unknown ahead.  Going past those fears is how we grow and how we hope we will live a more VIVID life.


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