Our Story…

Sailing Circa 1990

They like to do things.  Like really do things.  Try a night in New York City. Check.  Pack the kids in the car and drive 2000 miles in less than a week to Maine and back again, just because that is the best way to see everything.  Check.  Travel to Europe taking 10 flights in 12 days, because there is lots to see and well, sleep is overrated. Check.  We like adventure and traveling with us is always a bit of a thrill-ride and maybe a bit exhausting.  We have run marathons and triathlons, biked Alpe d’Huez, swam Alcatraz, run the Golden Gate, flew a kite in the Grand Canyon, stood on a Glacier and marveled at the wonder of being directly in the shadow of the solar eclipse.  Life can truly be an adventure if you make it, or so the saying goes. And our next adventure is chasing stars and perfect sunset aboard our sailboat.

We have always been around water and share a love for the ocean from the rocky shores of Maine to the wide flat beaches of North Carolina. We learned about sailing while we both crewed a boat out of Port Washington, NY called Desperado, sometimes racing twice a week.  When we moved to North Carolina my parents had a few different sailboats, on lakes in the beginning and later at the NC coast.  The ocean was always nearby and in way, always calling us.  We knew eventually we would answer that call…maybe sometime…maybe when it was a little more practical…maybe when it was more in our comfort zone to just up and go….maybe in our retirement…maybe later we would get an ocean-going boat of our own and we would do it.  We are not retired – goodness we are not that old – but life twists and turns and we find ourselves with an opportunity to make that sometime, well now-time.

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