Anchored in Place

Like most of the world at the moment we are all a bit stunned by the events surrounding COVID-19.  It is a challenging time for all of us and personally I hope it will draw the world closer together than apart.  We all have a shared experience and whether you are from Boston or Budapest the commonality of what we are enduring transcends all barriers of language, culture or beliefs.  Grief is grief and hope is hope, and it is something all of us feels.

Like many others living on a boat, we are distance from our homes and our families.  When something like this happens, we want to be home safe and sound.  Although when facing a somewhat invisible foe like a virus, what can we do?  There are some restrictions on travel and limits on retail stores here and at home.  Travelling by air seems to bring more risk than staying put, so for now we are ‘anchoring in place’. 

Life on the ‘hook’ for a short while allows us to stay in touch with friends and family back home.  We are near a good internet connection, and having practiced a minimalist lifestyle for so many months, makes this seem possible.  We have the ability to make electricity and water, and provisioned our meals well when we left.  If we had to move, we could sail without using fuel and goodness, if we were lucky, we could maybe even catch a fish to eat (reality check: I am not so good at catching fish, so that part is just my optimism!  I am a glass half full kinda guy)

Wherever you are we hope you are making the best of this strange world right now.  Uncertainty can be a scary thing, especially with daily changes and the somewhat overwhelming amount of information / mis-information.  We, the world, will endure.  We are separate but together, and right now that matters a lot.


2 thoughts on “Anchored in Place

  1. Glad you are in an enjoyable place. You have a very healthy adatude. If you have some 80 pound fishing line I may be able to help with the fishing thing. The desert is fine and I am well separated.


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