Our Story…

They like to do things.  Like really do things.  Try a night in New York City. Check.  Pack the kids in the car and drive 2000 miles in less than a week to Maine and back again, just because that is the best way to see everything.  Check.  Travel to Europe taking 10 flights in … More Our Story…

Welcome to Georgia

In this segment VIVID travels from Marathon Key Florida to St Augustine (thanks in part to Capt. Teri!) and then continues on to Brunswick Georgia. As with every journey there is always a few adventures along the way. Following a haul-out in St Augustine and a bit of maintenance we continued on to Fernandina Beach … More Welcome to Georgia

Old Faithful, Wandering Buffalo, and Hikes Requiring a Chairlift

Go Vivid. Sometimes it is the places you go that matter.  Places where you find new experiences, meet interesting people and explore differences in geography and culture.  If you never left your living room, how would you know there is something else to see, other than the ‘same old, same old’?  Often getting out of … More Old Faithful, Wandering Buffalo, and Hikes Requiring a Chairlift

Introducing VIVID

This is VIVID Life. The path we plan and the one that follows can vary. Life can have its twists and turns. Its ups and downs. The expected and the unexpected. Where we go in life is a combination of the  choices we make and the things that happen. We can try to ignore it … More Introducing VIVID