The George Town Five

The Best Things About George Town Bahamas….

When we first arrived in George Town it was a bit of a milestone for us.  We visited here many times before over the years staying on my parent’s boat and we have fond memories of playing with our kids on the beaches.  This was different of course, since it was the first time we traveled here on our very own boat. We drove a car to a boat and a boat to George Town.  Simple as that, right?  Admittedly we were a bit proud of travelling those 500-some miles to get here.  “Hey look what we did!”  Well a few hundred other boats did that too, but when you do something the first time that seemed nearly impossible a few months ago, well it’s satisfying…

George Town is a great place to visit on vacation, even better if you sail here. (did I mention we sailed here?)  It is located at the southern end of the Exuma Island chain and is a good stop-over for boats travelling south to other Caribbean Islands or on the journey north to the US.  It has a lot to offer which brings me back to the George Town Five.  This is our list of the top five best things about George Town:

  1. Community.  There are many people cruising on their boats who make George Town their winter destination.  As a result, there are lots of organized activities from a seminar on boat maintenance to yoga.
  2. Friends Can Visit.  With a small nearby airport this is the perfect location for your friends to come and visit.  After missing nearly everything about home for a few months, seeing your friends in Georgetown is a very special thing.
  3. Resources.  Everything is here, at least in moderation.  A couple grocery stores, bank, fuel water.
  4. Natural Beauty.  Beaches small and large offer great views of the ocean and harbor.  Several trails connect the beaches too.
  5. Sunrise and Sunset.  Like book ends to your day, the views have been amazing. 

George Town is such a friendly place and someday we hope to return.  We have made so many good friends and learned a lot – mostly how to set a goal, a destination in this case, and the satisfaction of achieving it.


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